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Billfactory är bäst på egenanställning

Are you self-employed today, or are you thinking of becoming self-employed? We explain why you should use billfactory

More in your wallet
We charge 4%, clearly lower than our competitors, without compromising on quality. That means more money for you!
Safe and secure
We cooperate with BankID and you are insured via Folksam, it is safe, secure and easy for you. No more forgotten login details.
Powerful service
Through your account you have full control of your invoices, customers, assignments and salaries. Everything is stored digitally and you get automatic updates for all events, so you don’t have to think about what the status is.
Multilingual service
We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to be self-employed. Therefore, we are in several languages ​​than our competitors. We believe it can help many people to their first real job in Sweden.
We know that networking is a major success factor in the labor market. We help to create the relationships needed to create business.
We are here for you, contact us via chat, email or phone if you have questions or if you want tips on how to be successful as a self-employed.
Great, I want to create an account and get started!