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Without asking, you get no answers. We have made it easier for you by collecting frequently asked questions.

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Your salary is based on your invoiced amount. Billfactory takes a fee for the service and insurance (4%) and pays payroll taxes, VAT and income tax to the Swedish tax agency. What is left we pay out to you.
You will receive a notification via email or SMS, depending on your profile settings when the customer paid the invoice. You can also see the status of each invoice when you are logged in to Billfactory, the status is “Invoice paid”.
You can find all invoices in your invoice list. It shows the status of your invoice. You can easily sort on status, such as all paid invoices.
If you haven’t sent the invoice, you can still change your bill. If the invoice is at Billfactory for review or sent to customer, contact customer support for change.
It is important to get as much information about the customer as possible in order for the invoice to go right and for us to comply with the Accounting Act.
If the customer did not pay the invoice on time, it will have the status “overdue”. Then we will automatically send a reminder invoice three (3) days after the due date. A second reminder is sent ten (10) after the due date. If, despite the reminder, the customer does not pay the invoice, please contact customer service and we will help you.
Typically, the VAT rate is 25%. For some services, the tax rate is 12% or 6%. The rate you will use depends on the services you invoice. You can read
more about which applies to your particular service at, or contact customer service and we will help you.
The sick pay is paid when the employment is longer than 14 days during a 10-month period, supported by the previously invoiced gross salary. The assignment must be registered and approved by the Billfactory before the assignment has begun and the disease must be established with sick note from the first day. The assignments are easily registered through your account under “assignments”.
You own the copyright to your work. Ownership and use rights to your customer unless otherwise agreed with your customer.
Arbetgivaravgifter are statutory fees paid by an employer based on the gross earnings earned by the employee. At present, the statutory fee is 31.42%. For self-employed persons born 1938 to 1950, the employer must pay employer’s contributions of a total of 16.36%. For persons born 1937 and earlier paid 6.15% in payroll taxes.
When you create an account at Billfactory you will receive a user ID. You can find your use ID in the upper-right corner under your profile settings.
Yes, you will be reimbursed if you have invoiced a per diem, mileage and expenses on the service provided that these costs have been paid by the customer. It is up to you as a user to ensure that the correct expense report has been submitted to Billfactory before your salary is paid. We take a fee of 4% for the expenses that vidarefaktureras to the customer. According to the VAT Act, the your original receipt be saved in the form it was received, which means that you must submit them to Billfactory. Please contact us if you need help with this.
If the customer does not pay the invoice, we cannot pay your salary. If the customer does not pay in time, we will automatically send a reminder invoice one week after the due date. A second reminder is sent two weeks after the due date. If the customer despite the reminder does not pay the invoice, please contact us at Billfactory and we will help you.
Yes, just as for all employers in Sweden, we are obliged to issue employer certificates when necessary. If you want an employer’s certificate, please contact Customer service and we will get back to you with the certificate.
It is just fine. After you create the invoice, there is a step that is named share with colleague. There, you can add other people’s user IDs (colleagues) and determine how much of the gross amount should go to each of you through a percentage rate. Ask the person to share the invoice by creating an account with Billfactory and ask for their use ID to add as a colleague.
For each specific assignment you become generally fixed-term employee of Billfactory, your salary is in principle based on the amount invoiced with deductions for social security contributions and income tax. By agreeing to the creation of your account, you agree to the Billfactorys terms of service.
Yes, you can. Apply to and submit the decision on adjustment to We then pay out salaries less tax according to the Swedish tax authority’s decision.
Anyone who asks many questions increases the wisdom of many.

Billfactory is an own employment company that enables individuals to invoice without having their own business. Our vision is to be the greatest on our own employment. We help people to work with their passion and run their own ideas without working with paperwork and other administration. We simplify employment and entrepreneurship because the labour market for services is changing at a high pace. We lower the thresholds for work because people do not need to be employed by an employer or have the knowledge to start their own business. We focus on a multilingual service that many people can understand even if you do not know the Swedish language. We believe that it is a good opportunity for their first job in Sweden. For entrepreneurs, we offer the opportunity to employ skills that you have chosen, without having to hire. It ensures productivity and simplifies business life. We see it as our mission to make life easier and more enjoyable for people to drive their own ideas to business and realize their quest for freedom and to decide for themselves. We are the best at our own employment, contact us to know more.


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