About self employment

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We think that more people should dare to go their own way, even in their professional life. This is how it works!



You know most about what you are good at. You talk directly to your customers and decide who you want to work with, when and what. You and the customer agree on the price of your services.

Do the job!

Do what you and your customer agreed upon, while you are doing the work, you are insured via Billfactory and we take employer responsibility for you.

Charge invoice!

Invoice your customer digitally via your Billfactory account. We handle all paperwork such as bookkeeping and payment of taxes. You will receive a salary statement and we will pay out your money in your account!
Sounds interesting, I want to create an account free of charge via my BankID!

More information!

Self-employment is a form of employment that emerges the fastest in the labor market, and more and more people discover this smart way of working. Instead of starting a company of your own, you can “rent” a self-employment company’s F-tax. If you want to work as an entrepreneur, self-employment is the smartest way to start. You have the most benefits that an entrepreneur has, but you do not need paperwork, VAT management, and other commitments associated with starting a business. Even for those who have a permanent employment, Billfactory’s self-employment is a good complement. You invoice jobs outside your regular work and simply get one to pay in the same way that you get with your second job.
Self employment is a great first job

Perfect as your first job!

Self-employment is a smart way to get your first job and get a foot into the labor market. You do not need to be hired by someone else, or you may have complicated rules on how to run a business. You just need to focus on what you are good at, and find customers who are willing to pay for your services, then you are up and running! The advantage of self-employment is that you decide for yourself, because you do not have an employer that sets the forms for how you want to work. Your life, your freedom!


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