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Create your account at Billfactory free of charge via Bank-ID, you are up in full speed within 3 minutes.
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You send the invoices to your customers and we take care of all other paperwork and book keeping. You are insured and we take the responsibility as employer during your assignment.
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We send you the payment the same day, for a 4% fee of the invoice amount.
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Work with what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. You decide! Focus on the things you're good at, instead of spending time on paperwork and administration - we take care of the boring stuff! We offer lower fees than our competitors, from 4% in fee of invoice amount.

You use your Bank-ID for login to your account, it's secure and safe. During your assignment you are fully insured and we take the responsibility as employer. During all steps in the process until you get payment we keep you updated automatically and we pay you the same day as your customer pays the invoice.

Billfactory wants to make it easier to work


Billfactory provides the only service on the market with several different languages including arabic - we believe this contributes to integration and work balance. Self employment will increase the possibility to enter into the employment market - we are proud to present the enabler to this!

We also have a great network of companies that could be interested by your services, and can connect you with relevant companies free of charge!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
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Billfactory is a self-employment company that enables people to work and invoice their customers without having an own company. It helps people to work with their passion, implement their ideas and have the ability to control their working hours and space. Billfactory takes care of all paperwork and book keeping so the users can focus on their business. Billfactory provides a multi-language service platform which enables people to work without knowing or speaking the native language. It helps people to get their first job in the country. For company owners, we offer a service which allows company owners to contract people for work without hiring. This secures productivity and simplifies the paperwork for company owners. Our mission is to simplify and make it more fun to drive business forward, and the ability to control your life and work balance individually. Freedom lies in being bold.